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Shaver’s Enclosures Reduce Compressor Noise In Automotive Facility

noise case 4A large automotive repair facility emloying many mechanics and other technicians was having significant noise issues. A large heavy duty compressor was the main cause of the shop noise, putting all the employees at risk of hearing loss.

Shaver Industries was called in to come up with a solution to reduce the noise level. Shaver suggested a noise enclosure to isolate the compressor and reduce the noise it exuded. The enclosure needed to be flexible removable and cost effective. Because there was a possibility that the compressor would be replaced in the future, a hard block or drywall enclosure was out the question.

Shaver installed sound panel curtains on a sliding track to reduce the noise while still allowing for full access to the compressors for maintenance purposes. Shaver’s customer was pleased with the solution and saw the overall noise level drop by over 50% upon installation of the noise enclosure.

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