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Portable Retractable Screens


Our retractable welding screens offer an efficient alternative to guards that need to be placed on the ground. With the spring-loaded feature, workers can easily retract the screen to transport items in and around the work space.

Screen Details:

  • Standard size: 5.5 ft H x 20 ft W
  • Colors include Semi-Transparent Orange, Semi-Transparent Blue, Semi-Transparent Yellow, Semi-Transparent Shade 8, Opaque Vinyls and Clear PVC.
  • Springs are rated up to 250,000 cycles
  • Mounting posts (96″ x 3″ x 3″) available
  • Custom sizes available upon requests
  • J-Hooks for mounting provided
  • Easy-assist handles

Easy Operation

When the operator walks the guard from the base mount to the opposite side, the uniformly distributed tension keeps the screen stiff without having the operator to pull hard. The guard is stretched from roller base and attached with the latches placed on the side facing the roller base to cordon off the area. To make way for movement of product or personnel, the worker can easily unlatch the guard, then walk it back towards the base mount until fully retracted.

Retractable Welding Screen Features

  • Eradicates the need to manually handle and move large segments of heavy guards
  • Facilitates swift movement of forklifts to access different work cells
  • Saves previous and expensive floor space usable for other tasks
  • Offers shelter from welding sparks, flying debris, heat waves, and ultraviolet light

Innovative – Quick to Install

  • The manually operated safety curtain with retractable feature can extend up to 20′
  • Spring tension base roller remains rigid and also automatically retracts upon unlatching
  • The retractable industrial shade can be rolled up for storage when not in use
  • Welding screens do not require overhead suspension allowing for top access and line of sight
  • Overhead machinery have clear access to the work area when screen is rolled up
  • Latch welding screens with an S-hook on the opposite side of the roller
  • Replacing welding shades, if damaged, is quick and easy


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