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Material Handling

Curtains and Dividers

Industrial Curtain Enclosures & Dividers

Shaver curtains, partitions and enclosures are versatile, economical and highly effective. Can be suspended from existing ceilings, providing greater cost savings when compared...

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All Roll-Up Doors Series banner

Industrial Roll-Up Doors (up to 12 ft wide)

Shaver Industries’ gravity doors are designed for areas with low, negative or positive airflow. We provide a vast range of different power roll-up doors...

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Industrial Power Roll-Up Doors (up to 18 ft wide)

Shaver Industries provides a vast range of different power roll-up doors for both interior and exterior applications. With a variety of different speeds,...

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Power Roll-up door

Exterior Doors

Designed for outdoor applications experiencing high winds and extreme weather. Shaver Industries offers doors larger than 18 ft. which are crash forgiving and automatically...

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Clear plastic PVC Strip Doors

PVC Strip Doors

Shaver Industries provides over 10 different types of PVC strip products which come in a variety of different widths and thicknesses to best...

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PVC Welding Strips for welding and grinding protection

PVC Weld Curtains

Shaver Industries’ welding screens are designed to resist sparks, while allowing for light to pass through. With a tinted UV blocking film, the...

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Mesh Strip Door for bugs and insects

Mesh Insect Strip Doors

Shaver Industries offers strip doors specific to keeping insects and bugs out of your facility. Constructed of a heavy duty mesh, these strip...

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700 series swing door

700 Series

The 700 Series of Shaver Flexible PVC Impact Doors is a versatile line of medium to heavy duty traffic doors. Shaver’s crystal clear...

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400 series swing door

1000 Series

The 1000 Series of Shaver Flexible PVC Impact Doors is the ideal solution for heavy-duty traffic applications for maximum insulation. Shaver’s clear 0.354″...

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Truck PVC Strip Curtain


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Grinding & Welding Curtains

Our safety screens and curtains are designed to protect you from grinding and welding. Also, our industrial high temperature grinding and welding screens...

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