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The Driver Divider

Golfing with friends & family just got easier. Practicing social distancing on the golf course is our top priority. The Driver Divider let’s you share a golf cart while keeping you safe.


Maintain social distancing while riding together on the golf course. The Driver Divider prioritizes the health & safety of golfers.


The Driver Divider is easy to install. In under 5 minutes, you’ll be able to ride with your golf partner while maintaining social distancing.


The Driver Divider can roll up quickly & easily to accommodate single golfers.


Minimize the cart traffic on your course, reducing the need for high course maintenance costs.

Minimize golf cart usage by allowing 2 riders per cart. Less cart usage will lower your cart maintenance costs.

The Driver Divider is U.V. resistant & F.R. rated.

The Driver Divider doesn’t need any permanent modifications to the cart. No drilling or permanent fasteners required.