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Shaver’s Custom Curtains Protect Print Press From Dust and Debris

curtain case study

In many manufacturing facilities it is important to keep the production line free from contact with dust and debris. This customer needed to protect its production line, yet still needed easy access for maintenance and operation.

Shaver responded by installing our Custom 700 Series Sliding Curtains with a clear PVC window for increased visibility and safety. Since there are many moving parts on this machine there is the potential for serious injury. The clear PVC window contributes to a safer working environment because nearby employees are now aware of where the operator is.

The curtain was also mounted on a 700 Series sliding tack to allow the maintenance staff easy access while still providing the production line with protection from dust created by nearby forklift traffic.

Shaver Industries was able to provide a complete turnkey solution by installing a complete dust protection system to meet the customer’s specifications.

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