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Noisy Plastic Regrind Machine No Match for Shaver’s Custom Enclosure System

Picture 020A major designer and manufacturer of rigid plastic containers with facilities in North America and Europe needed to figure out a way to dramatically reduce noise from the many grinding machines used for plastic regrind.

Grinding machines are in the corner of the shop and require a power roll up door for quick employee access, thus preventing the installation of a solid wall.

Upon careful review of the situation, Shaver decided to install its combination absorber/barrier panels from floor to ceiling. The panel dimensions measured in at 60’ wide by 30’ deep and were hung from the ceiling to maximize the amount of noise absorbed. A power roll up door was installed to allow easy access to the grinding machine.

The plant manager says “Shaver’s sound enclosures provided the plant with measured noise reduction. It was a turnkey installation and we have found the power roll up door to the enclosure extremely easy to use.”

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