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chip conveyor picture

Chip Conveyors

Efficient, dependable chip collection is a key ingredient in maximizing the performance of today’s machining centres. Depending on the layout, quantity and type...

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Industrial noise control

Industrial Noise Control

Industrial Noise Control products are for acoustical correction and reduction. Products include Wall Panels, Absorbers, Sound Diffusers and more. Many industries that have...

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Curtains and Dividers

Industrial Curtain Enclosures & Dividers

Shaver curtains, partitions and enclosures are versatile, economical and highly effective. Can be suspended from existing ceilings, providing greater cost savings when compared...

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weld blanket banner picture

Welding Blankets

Protect workers and equipment from dangerous high-heats from welding and grinding areas. Our welding blankets are manufactured from materials that can withstand high-heat...

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All Roll-Up Doors Series banner

Industrial Roll-Up Doors (up to 12 ft wide)

Shaver Industries’ gravity doors are designed for areas with low, negative or positive airflow. We provide a vast range of different power roll-up doors...

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Roll-Up Doors Banner Picture

Industrial Power Roll-Up Doors (up to 18 ft wide)

Shaver Industries provides a vast range of different power roll-up doors for both interior and exterior applications. With a variety of different speeds,...

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Power Roll-up door

Exterior Doors

Designed for outdoor applications experiencing high winds and extreme weather. Shaver Industries offers doors larger than 18 ft. which are crash forgiving and automatically...

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Clear plastic PVC Strip Doors

PVC Strip Doors

Shaver Industries provides over 10 different types of PVC strip products which come in a variety of different widths and thicknesses to best...

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PVC Welding Strips for welding and grinding protection

PVC Weld Curtains

Shaver Industries’ welding screens are designed to resist sparks, while allowing for light to pass through. With a tinted UV blocking film, the...

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Side Slide Blue

Side Retracting Welding & Grinding Screen

OVERVIEW Our retractable welding screens offer an efficient alternative to guards that need to be placed on the ground. With the spring-loaded feature,...

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Lift Table Banner

FoldTect™ Heat Bonded

Shaver Industries has been specializing in the design and manufacturing of lift table skirting for over 30 years. We have the ability to make...

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Stitched Lift Table - jan


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light duty roll-up picture

Light Duty Roll Up

Shaver Industries manufactures spring-loaded roll up machine guarding covers that are typically made from Vinyl Coated Polyester, Hypalon or Neoprene materials and are available with...

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medium duty roll-up picture

Medium Duty Roll Up

Shaver Industries offers roll-up guards made up aluminum and steel to provide optimal protection of machine ways from contaminates and coolants. These products...

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Heavy Duty Walk-on Roll-up picture

Heavy Duty Roll Up

Shaver Industries heavy duty roll-up covers are designed to walk on with minimal deflection to protect workers from moving machines, open pits, machine...

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aluminum apron picture

Aluminum Apron

Shaver Industries aluminum apron covers are highly flexible and designed for optimum protection again falling work pieces. These have been designed for extreme...

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way cover banner picture

Steel Way Covers

Shaver Industries supplies steel way covers, a leader in telescoping metal protection. Ways come in a tremendous variety of profiles, therefore we offer many...

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way wipers picture

Way Wipers

Shaver Industries fabricates way wipers to protect almost any machine. Our way wipers are ideal for low to high volumes and maintenance applications. Our...

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square bellows picture

Square or Rectangular

Our materials withstand temperatures from – 40C to 1000C, can be self-extinguishing as well as oil, coolant and chemical resistant. We have expertise...

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circle bellow Banner

Round or Oval

Our materials withstand temperatures from – 40C to 1000C, can be self-extinguishing as well as oil, coolant and chemical resistant. We have expertise...

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custom bellows picture

Special Shapes

Our materials withstand temperatures from – 40C to 1000C, can be self-extinguishing as well as oil, coolant and chemical resistant. We have expertise...

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Fabric Covers

Fabric Way Covers

Shaver industries uses advanced thermic bonding instead of stitching which can break down easily Shaver Industries way covers are custom made to almost...

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way cover repair pic

Way Cover Repair

We can repair and refurbish all makes of way covers. Our technical consultants work with you to optimize your maintenance and repair requirements resulting...

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