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700 Series

The 700 Series of Shaver Flexible PVC Impact Doors is a versatile line of medium to heavy duty traffic doors. Shaver’s crystal clear .275″ or .254″ thick PVC panels are formulated to meet all relevant federal and international food safety standards and are available for standard and low temperature environments.

Maximum Opening – 120″ x 120″

Minimum Opening – 30″ x 60″



  • Retailers
  • Cold Storage
  • Food Processing
  • Industrial
  • Warehouse

Key Benefits

  • Clear, Flexible Material
  • Smooth, Easy Swing Action
  • Adjustable Torsion Spring Hinge
  • Solid, Dependable Construction
  • Maximum Visibility and Safety
  • Easy Installation and Panel Replacement
  • Low Maintenance

Traffic Types

  • Pedestrians
  • Push Carts
  • Pallet Jacks

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